Many of our web friends are questioning their personal beliefs. This personality quiz will help you channel your true inner being. Are you having trouble finding the perfect mate, house, clothes, and even the right pet? Well, worry no more – the answers are right here – sort of!

Your favorite color is:
A) Blood
B) Squid
C) Black – everyone should wear it
D) Berry
E) Earth tones

Favorite mode of transportation:
A) Hearse
B) Shark
C) Broom
D) Wings
E) Chipmunk

Your favorite fashion accessory is:
A) Cape
B) Shells
C) Cat
D) Sparkle
E) Camouflage

Favorite Pet:
A) Bat
B) Shark
C) Spider
D) Dragonfly
E) Rabbit

Fashion “No, No”:
A) Cross
B) Fish Hooks
C) Pastels
D) Polyester
E) Deodorant

Does having a baby mean:
A) Putting the kids to bed at the crack of dawn
B) The Plesiosaur family is on your speed dial
C) It takes a Coven to raise a child
D) You consider butterflies good child care providers
E) The forest is safe for another generation

Where do you look for a Saturday night date:
A) The obituary section of the paper
B) A shipwreck
C) The bottom of a tea cup
D) Moonbeams
E) Among the roots of ancient trees

Is your bed:
A) Narrow, hard, smelling of the earth, and dark
B) In “Davey Jones Locker”, maybe even with Davey Jones
C) Old and comfortable with things moving under it
D) Petal soft
E) Nestled in the foundation of a mighty oak

Does “housework” include:
A) Removing houseguests/leftovers
B) Rearranging treasure and throwing out bones/dates
C) Making sure the ingredients in your spice cabinet are locked in
D) Preparing the lightning bugs to go home at dawn
E) Cleaning up after drunken squirrels

Does “getting in touch with your feelings”….
A) Include a night in the graveyard
B) Helped by combing your hair and singing (maybe until someone dies)
C) Include the full moon, chants, and a night out with the girls
D) Consists of arranging toadstools in a circle
E) Include trees, moss and mead

Does having guests for dinner involve:
A) Sharpening your teeth
B) Pirates and sushi
C) Bringing out the large cauldron
D) Borrowing a thimble of nectar from a neighboring bee
E) Nuts, berries, and Meade

Does “tall, dark and handsome”…..
A) Need to be mesmerized
B) Come with gills
C) Bring his own eye of newt
D) Refer to someone four inches tall
E) Require squat, blond and powerful

Do you feel cozy when……
A) You hear wolves howling
B) You hear the sound of the ocean
C) The moon and your cauldron are both full
D) Stroked by antennae
E) Protecting an ancient forest as your ancestors did before you

     Obviously, this is a light hearted, fun quiz. But, even though this quiz is meant to be funny – it does tell some truths about your personality. We, as people, are drawn to certain characteristics in others that hit a resonant chord within us. So, according to your majority answers, we know important things about you.

A) Vampire – Your thoughts are deep and sincere, if a little morose. You possess great insight into the minds of the living. In fact, you must be careful not to take too much psychic energy from those around you. Your friends and even acquaintances, may find that they feel drained after being around you for long periods of time. Living with Vampires can be draining (pun intended) to those living with them. Vampires need constant reassurance that they are loved and valued. They are difficult to commit; earning their trust takes time. But, once trust is earned, Vampires are dedicated to a forever relationship.

B) Mermaid - Since the greater part of our bodies is made of water – it is only right that we carry the memory of the sea, our first home. Merfolk are a stoic, fiercely loyal people who tend to be clannish and distrustful of outsiders. They make a wonderful friend or mate, but to gain their trust may take a long time, but well worth the effort. They are happiest living by the sea of course, but when that is impossible, some other body of water will suffice. They are especially drawn to the sound of water and even more so on full moon nights. Mermaids have a great affinity for animals, honor, color, music, and water. They are most tranquil when these needs are met.

C) Witch – Witches are known to be the oldest healers among us. Their healing powers predate history. They project a force that not only empowers but provides serenity to themselves and others. Their connection with the world is universal and transcends time and location. Witches are thoughtful, provocative thinkers. Don’t ask one a question if you don’t want an honest, albeit complicated answer. A Witch can be a wonderful friend and mate if you are willing to do things their way – which is the way of the elders. To be part of the Wicca, you must be an elemental person – tied to the earth, the seasons, and the forces. Witches celebrate life and live it joyfully, knowing they have a connection to the Universe.

D) Faerie – The Fey are known for high energy and a love of life that means high drama to those around them. They can make one feel better by their kindness and genuine interest. Conversely, they can hold on to a grievance far longer than a mundane person. Usually, Faeries have a quirky sense of humor and are dedicated to fun – they can be pranksters. Their zest for life can get a Faerie misunderstood – but, in most cases, it is a welcomed experience. Their appreciation for color and glitter is notorious. Life is short, so why not make it a party? Trust a Faerie with your innermost thoughts, your honor, and your heart.

E) Wood Nymph –This personality is known for mental discipline. Their greatest interest is in protecting nature. Animals are drawn to them – especially when they are hurt. Plants grow faster and better for a Wood Nymph. Of course, a home in the forest is an ideal place for a Wood Nymph, but, lacking that, camping often and a nice back yard will put them at ease. No short term relationship for this strong, loyal being – forever is the most used word in their vocabulary. Wood Nymphs tend to overindulge in life, love, and alcohol. Their connection to the earth can be an asset to other strong individuals, willing to meet life head on.
~ Personality Quiz ~
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