Lynn Everhart creates extraordinary and sometimes menacing worlds which she feels a passion to illustrate. Her characters are all hand drawn with an intense (and some might say maddening) attention to detail.

Lynn lives in a cabin in Arizona surrounded by 3 acres of
the biggest trees in the Valley, her garden, aviary, and
menagerie of animals: scaly, feathered and furry.

Visited daily by her passel of grandchildren. She feels that
the real world is far more dangerous than the realms of vampires, witches and other dark creatures.

Lynn finds solace in these other worlds. We are the monsters
in those realms.
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Matt Everhart has a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona with a Specialty in Sculpture.
He has studied abroad in Dublin, Germany and Austria refining his craft.
He has shown in museums and galleries throughout Tucson and in the Treehaven Gallery.
He has had a life long love of sculpting and derives much of his inpiration from authors and artists such as Ray Harryhausen, Jim Henson, Edgar Rice Burroughs,
H.P. Lovecraft, Frank Frazetta and Mystery Science Theater 3000 (to name a few).
Loreena Jade Everhart adds a Fiber Arts perspective to the October Arts collection.
 She has been sewing since the age of 5 and knitting and crocheting since age 8.
Loreena Jade graduated from Arizona State University with a B.F.A in Fibers
being fortunate enough to study under Clare Berstegen, one of the country's premier Surface Designers.
She is a member of the Surface Design Association and Studio Art Quilt Associates, where she has had the opportunity
to dye, sew, embroider and screen print as much as any textile can hold. Loreena Jade's pieces are all hand crafted
using new and recycled materials to create color , texture and beauty.
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Bats, Lizards and More
Wood Nymphs
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  Espy Everhart adds the whimsy to the eclectic musings of the October Art portfolio.
She has been dabbling in the arts since a child with drawing and painting.
 She has gone from her notebooks and canvas to painting on walls.
She loves the aspect of being able to live in
worlds she creates.